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Yardley of London, more often known as Yardley or Yardleys, is a British personal care brand and  one of the world’s oldest enterprises specializing in cosmetics, scents, and associated toiletry products. 

The company, which was founded in 1770, quickly rose to prominence as a leading manufacturer of soaps and perfumes around the turn of the twentieth century. Moving to London’s posh Bond Street in 1910, Yardley was awarded its first Royal Warrant the following year.

The firm now has two Royal Warrants. The British royal family has trusted Yardley for generations, and the company has been recognized six times with the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment. Numerous British kings have used products made by this company.

  • 1921 – Edward, Prince of Wales; Perfumers and fine soap makers
  • 1932 – Queen Mary; Perfumer
  • 1949 – George VI; Purveyors of soap
  • 1955 – Elizabeth II; Manufacturers of soap
  • 1960 – Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother; Perfumers and manufacturers
  • 1995 – Charles, Prince of Wales; Manufacturers of toilet preparations

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