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Jo Malone

JO Malone

Born in England on November 5, 1963, Joanne Lesley Malone CBE is the creator of the Jo Malone London and Jo Loves fragrance lines. In 1990, Malone created Jo Malone London, which she sold to Estee Lauder Companies in 1999. Its fragranced candles, aromatic soaps, aromatic shower gels, and aromatic room sprays have made it a household name. Jo Malone, founder of the eponymous fragrance, sold the company.

After being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and having her sense of smell severely compromised by chemotherapy, she decided to leave the corporate world totally in 2006.

For its unique scent portfolio, Jo Malone London has become a household name, according to South. We are well-known for breaking new ground in the fragrance industry, having rewritten the rules of perfumery by combining components in novel ways and offering sophisticated yet whimsical approaches to using scent.

As a London facialist, she created Nutmeg & Ginger, her debut perfume and the company’s signature fragrance, to reward her most devoted customers.

There are 170 different scents from designer Jo Malone London in our fragrance library. The first one came out in 1990, and the most recent one is from 2022.



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